Books Printing

Vinlin Press knows that the power of the press isn’t only in the hands of the editors and publishers. Anyone can print their book .Book printing service delivers an easy, quick turnaround of any publishing project.

Vinlin delivers books and bookbinding services for personal creative projects, education and nonprofit causes, and for commercial projects. We offer everyone in decades of book printing and binding expertise, and we can print anything you need, all at a reasonable cost:

Cookbooks and recipe collections

Novel books

Self-published books

Hard cover books

School magazine

Book authors and self-publishers have access to both our digital and offset printing press technology. Digital printing is more accessible and less labor-intensive to set up for short and large runs.

Our book printing customers have many options available to them in choosing their book format, binding type, and printing method.

Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover books are impressive things to hold. Do you need a sturdy textbook that can bang around desks and lockers? Do you have historical information that you need preserving in print for years to come? Do you have personal poetry collections, creative fiction, and nonfiction ideas that you want to share with others through self-publishing? Vinlin Press will help you select the covers, paper, and binding styles and get your hardcover volumes into the hands of your readers.

It’s never been simpler to publish your hardbound book no matter your publishing purpose: our printing technicians know how to accommodate all book sizes, forms, and styles. When you visit our convenient Soho print shop, we’ll show you how we print and bind our customers’ projects. Our technicians are always happy to help you gel your editorial concepts and let you explore the options we offer. You can even hold a few of our freshly minted and printed styles of hardcover books in your hands to experience what your project may feel like after printing and binding.

Short-run Book Printing

Digital printing lets anyone print a short run of books. Vinlin Press works with individuals, schools, colleges, training programs, and other small businesses who need to print a limited short-run of books for specific purposes. Short or long, any size project is a candidate for digital printing. We can print your documents in full digital color or grayscale, sepia, or black and white.

Book Printing

Our book printing create your book print run in-house, with no outsourcing. Vinlin maintains a large inventory of everything you would want and everything we would need to complete your project without purchasing extra paper and cover stock from a distant supplier. Our multiple digital printers are always running, and we can schedule your project for a speedy turnaround, including rush printing projects.

When You Are Ready to Publish Your Book

Please drop by our print shop, where you can receive a free consultation about your project. Our specialists will answer any questions you have and help guide you in printing a successful book run with us. We’ll give you a custom quote for printing and binding services and offer so much more.

Digital Printing Services

At vinlin, we accommodate customers’ needs for digital printing in town. Our team understands that full-color digital printing helps deliver your message with visual impact and maximum appeal. As Vinlin digital printing experts, we will produce your job on time, within budget and always with the highest quality, so you get the best digital prints possible.

From business cards to multipage brochures, our team works hard to provide professional digital printing services with the utmost attention to detail, with services including color books, multi-page brochures,  business cards, calendars, and more. Our digital printing technology can quickly and easily take on a variety of print jobs and offer quality print finishing options. We provide digital printing ideal for local business owners or residents on a budget—it’s affordable and ideal for a short run of digital prints.

How Does Digital Printing Work?

Our digital printing press allows us to produce all your designs, from business cards to perfect-bound books, with efficiency and quality. Digital printing allows for a much faster turnaround time than analog processes. It allows us to produce high-quality results with high color accuracy, in size . There are no printing plates to replace.

An affordable service for any level of business or for individuals, digital printing is ideal for short runs and rush jobs. Our expert team of printing advisors is here to help guide you through the digital printing process and make sure you’re delighted with the results.

Digital Printing Product Examples

Digital printing can be used for desktop publishing at home, commercial stationery, and to produce fine art. Our printing options include but are not limited to:

Business Cards





Marketing Materials




Annual reports



Digital printing in Vinlin is one of our most flexible printing options. From different size prints to paper options most suited for your application, we can accommodate virtually any request so your organization can order prints and receive the highest-quality results possible.

What is Instant Printing?

Vinlin Press is provide instant printing services and can deliver quality results quickly, whether it be for a store opening, a presentation, or any other mission-critical event that is important to your business.

How can Vinlin guarantee a quick turnaround time? We do all our printing in-house, which prevents the kind of delays that are so common when you partner with online companies or big-box store printing service providers. Plus, our dedicated team of 10  printing will work with you from the beginning of your project to the very end. This will give you full transparency on your customized printing plan and total assurance that the project will be delivered by your requested deadline. Now, you can focus on the other important aspects of your event!

How does Instant flyer printing work?

Vinlin only uses modern, state-of-the-art printing equipment and processes to deliver high-quality prints to our clients. We make it a point to provide our customers with reliable rush printing services to help them.

We understand that you’re busy, which is why we’ve perfected our on-demand rush printing process for easy ordering and flawless delivery. Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    Provide the details of your project to our team. As a printing solutions provider, we are ready to bring your vision to life — and even help you build it out with suggestions on design if needed.

  • 2

    Upload your files online so we can get a full understanding of exactly what you’re looking for. We can also help you troubleshoot any potential issues with the type of paper or method of printing you’re planning on using.


  • 3

    Work with us to check out proofs before the project goes to print so we can make sure your order is delivered exactly the way you want it, when you need it.

What kinds of printed materials can you get rush printed?

Here are just a few examples:









Business card

Marketing materials



If what you’re looking for isn’t listed above, please contact us and one of our printing consultants will assist you in taking your design from imagination to print.

Instant Printing

Businesses looking to share their message and reach their ideal customers rely on high-quality print and marketing materials that represent their brand to the highest standards. At Vinlin Printing, we offer our clients the option to have in-person consultations and reviews of their prints in advance of placing their order. This means the marketing professionals and business leaders who work with us don’t have to worry that their important print projects will come back with mistakes that are too late to fix before a major launch or event.

How Do We Print So Fast?

Vinlin Printing uses the most moder equipment and constantly strives to offer innovative solutions for projects on short notice. Because all our production is done in-house, we don’t have to wait for materials to be shipped from third party vendors. Vinlin also allows customers to visit the shop, allowing them to request any revisions and amendments on the spot. This guarantees both accuracy and transparency so customers can receive their prints quickly.

Why Choose Vinlin Press Printing?

Vinlin has been in business since 1977.We value our relationships with a diverse customer base, and pride ourselves on having the in-house resources and modern technology to accommodate fast turnaround times.

Do you need high-quality printing done in a short amount of time? Vinlin Press uses the most innovative technology to deliver high-quality prints and marketing materials to businesses across city. Contact us today about same-day or next-day rush printing.

What is bookbinding?

Bookbinding involves assembling documents into a compiled form and then binding the pages into a joined document that stays together as a collection in the reader’s hand: assembling a book. Bookbinding projects go beyond hardcover books and softcover manuals. A custom bookbinding project for a marketer, artist, or business owner may include saddle-stitched glossy-paper pamphlets and brochures.

The most common binding options we offer include:

Perfect Binding

When your page count runs to 250 pages or less, perfect binding is the most economical option to produce your bound copies. After you’ve selected your cover options and paper type, we bind sections of pages together, applying a strong, hot-melt adhesive to the roughened edges of the interior pages of your book. Our binding experts then glue these sections to the book’s spine. The result is a durable, softbound finished book that will last for years. Perfect binding is perfect for every product, from large catalogs to small paperback books.

Wire-O Binding

Instead of the plastic spiral we use in standard spiral binding, wire binding uses a closed-loop metal wire, and a distinctive square hole punched through the interior papers and covers. The square shape helps us align your pages precisely, especially if you choose thicker paper or include cardboard insert options. Wire binding is your best production choice if you have an image layout split across interior odd and even pages and want your graphics to line up precisely for the viewer. Wire binding can accommodate up to 250 sheets of paper.

Saddle Stitching

For books and booklets that contain fewer than 80 pages of content (or 40 pages of front and back text and graphics), saddle stitching is the most affordable production option. Projects like children’s illustrated picture books and magazines are often saddle-stitched. Designed to be softbound, saddle-stitched books can accommodate covers of different thicknesses and styles. Once you’ve selected your paper and covers, the cover and interior pages are machine-bound by inserting two long saddle staples.

Hardcover Binding

When you want to present or preserve your book in its most handsome and durable format, choose hardcover binding. Our hardcover binding method is case binding: your book’s cover is printed on an adhesive sheet of paper, then mounted on rigid boards. We can even custom print the perfect dust jacket to surround your finished hardcover book with style. Hardcover books benefit from comfortable ease of handling, and are the ideal format for any text meant to be stored or treasured for the long term, including records, histories, and adult and children’s books.

When you need printing and bookbinding, done fast and done right.

Are you looking for a single-source solution for printing and bookbinding? Do you need help getting your creative project designed, printed, bound, and delivered? Our bookbinding service and printing service experts can help you, and it starts by contacting us today. We want to make your project perfect. Email or call us and find out how we can help execute your next bookbinding project, starting right now. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get your ideas on paper, bound, and into readers’ hands.